10: Dating in the Digital Age with Clara Artschwager

Clara Artschwager is a dating coach, writer, and speaker helping women navigate the crazy world of dating in today’s digital age. Clara’s been featured in New York Magazine’s The Cut, Man Repeller, Well + Good, Mind Body Green, and many more. And I got to steal a few hours of her time when she was in Chicago a few weeks ago! We chatted all things hookup culture, ghosting, dating in your upper 20’s and 30’s, the apps, how to meet people in real life, long distance relationships, bad texters, and more.

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Upcoming Events:

Date + Flow in Brooklyn on July 17th

Dating in the Digital Age at The Wing in NYC on August 7th

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Clara’s Articles on TheStripe.com

09: Be There in Five with Kate Kennedy

Kate Kennedy is an author, podcaster, small business owner, pop-culture commentator and blind item enthusiast. Kate is one of my real-life friends here in Chicago and one of my most dynamic friendships, as our similarities and interests really run the gamut. In this episode, Kate and I chat about all the things… triggering questions we face as women approaching life milestones, relationship dynamics, therapy, regression therapy, subconscious beliefs, enneagrams, religion, giving back, and more. Lots of laughs peppered in, too!

Keep up with Kate: @BeThereinFive, Be There in Five Podcast, BeThereinFive.com, Be There in Five on Etsy

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E-Squared by Pam Grout

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Aire Ancient Baths in Chicago

08: Coffee with Kahlo | Meet Samantha Urioste

“I think when you make the decision (even if you’ve always had this internal longing for something in your life, whatever it may be)… Once you formally decide, everything just kind of comes together.”

In this episode, Jessica is having a conversation with Samantha Urioste, one of the fellow ladies in her Remote Year program, #RYKahlo! Initially the two bonded over self-help books and alone time so you know it’s a good match…

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5 Minute Journal

Jade Roller

Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen

Honest Beauty Facial Oil

‘White Hot Truth’ by Danielle Laporte

‘You Are a Badass’ by Jen Sincero

‘Wonder Over Worry’ by Amber Rae

Find Sam over on Instagram: @samanthaurioste

You can read more about Jessica’s Remote Year journey on her blog!

07: Let’s Talk About Anxiety

In this episode, Jessica is talking all things anxiety. What helps her manage her anxiety, why routines are so important for her, and how she ‘finds her calm.’ It’s all about working *with* your anxiety, instead of against it. As someone who works for herself, Jessica also talks about how she structures her days and weeks for optimal productivity. There is also a long talk about an article she recently read and how ADHD brain can feel similar to anxiety.

A few links to things mentioned…

** What’s It’s Like to Have an ADHD Brain

‘May Cause Miracles’ by Gabby Bernstein

Astrology Episode on Girls Gotta Eat

Creativity Ted Talk by Manoush Zomorodi

Productivity Planner

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06: Q&A #1

In this episode, Jessica does a solo Q&A with questions from Instagram! She talks about her recent trip to India, dating apps, the spirituality things she’s into, making friends in a new city, favorite bars and restaurants in Chicago, astrology, blogger friendships, and meet & greets.

Here are some helpful links for things mentioned…

Blog Post: ‘Lets Chat Dating Apps

The Lively Show

Abraham Hicks and @abrahamhickspublications

The Law of Attraction” and “Ask and it is Given” by Esther & Jerry Hicks

You Are a Badass,” “You Are a Badass at Making Money,” & “You Are a Badass Every Day” by Jen Sincero

Meditation App: Headspace

Chill Meditation Studio in Chicago

ClassPass (get $40 off your first month!)

10% Happier” by Dan Harris

The Universe Has Your Back” and “May Cause Miracles” by Gabby Bernstein

The 5 Minute Journal

Blog Post: ‘Find Your Tribe

Astrology Zone App by Susan Miller

Astrology-Based Instagram Accounts: @EzzieSpencer, @SpiritDaughter, @KariSamuels

Mental Health IG: @club_mental

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this type of Q&A format, any questions for future episodes, or if there’s anything I touched on here that you’d love to hear about in further detail! Hit me up on Instagram: @alongfortheridepod

05: Coffee with Kahlo | Meet Jen Nicholls

In this episode, I’m having a conversation with Jennifer Nicholls, my program leader when I was on Remote Year this past fall. (#RYKahlo!) Jen talks all about her role as a Program Leader in Remote Year (she’s currently on her fourth program!), and her path that lead her there. We also talk a bit about paying attention to signs, setting your days up for success, travel must-haves, life-changing moments, personal mantras, and more.

Here are links to the Liz Gilbert Ted Talks Jen mentioned…

Other Links: The Alchemist , Myers-Briggs Personality Test, Havaianas

You can read more about my Remote Year journey on my blog!

Follow Jen’s adventure on Instagram: @jennifer__

04: Rainbow Slay with Kelly Chrischilles

Whew, the past two episodes were a little bit heavy, so breaking it up with a so fun segment with one of my real-life besties, Kelly Chrischilles.

We talk about a whole bunch of things in this episode… Making new friends as an adult, leaving your corporate job to start your own company, the PR and blogging industries, working with influencers, and more.

You can find Kelly on Instagram at @KelBelChris & @SoFunSocial

03: Catch Up (Cont’d)

Let’s Catch Up, Part 2

Whew! This is a tough one… 2018 was quite the rollercoaster of a year. Walking you through some pretty personal times, how/why I ended up going on Remote Year, and looking at what’s to come next.


02: Let’s Catch Up

Before we get into all of the fun topics I have planned for the next few weeks, I feel like it’s important to get on the same page. I started my blog back in 2010, so a lot has changed since then, especially over the last 2.5 years. Let’s catch up and get to know each other again… It will help lay the foundation for everything that’s to come!

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01: Hey, What’s Up, Hello

So what can you expect from this podcast? There are three main areas that I can’t wait to dive into here on Along for the Ride…

  1. Behind the Curtain, aka: the sh*t you don’t see on Instagram. From personal stories surrounding friendship and family to an inside-look at what’s really going on in the blogosphere, considering this a place to chat BTS or off-the-record.
  2. Entrepreneurship. There have been many lessons I’ve learned along the way, but I’ll be introducing you to guests that have way cooler stories than I do! We’ll also be chatting about new ventures, side projects, and what’s to come.
  3. And last, but certainly not least: Wellness & Spirituality. As of late, this is where a lot of my passions lie. Mental health, healthy living, self-development, self-care, you get the idea. But consider yourself warned: there may be a healthy dose of “woo” from time to time. Think: listening to your intuition, law of attraction, manifesting, the power of positive thinking, etc.