10: Dating in the Digital Age with Clara Artschwager

Clara Artschwager is a dating coach, writer, and speaker helping women navigate the crazy world of dating in today’s digital age. Clara’s been featured in New York Magazine’s The Cut, Man Repeller, Well + Good, Mind Body Green, and many more. And I got to steal a few hours of her time when she was […]

09: Be There in Five with Kate Kennedy

Kate Kennedy is an author, podcaster, small business owner, pop-culture commentator and blind item enthusiast. Kate is one of my real-life friends here in Chicago and one of my most dynamic friendships, as our similarities and interests really run the gamut. In this episode, Kate and I chat about all the things… triggering questions we […]

08: Coffee with Kahlo | Meet Samantha Urioste

“I think when you make the decision (even if you’ve always had this internal longing for something in your life, whatever it may be)… Once you formally decide, everything just kind of comes together.” In this episode, Jessica is having a conversation with Samantha Urioste, one of the fellow ladies in her Remote Year program, #RYKahlo! Initially […]

06: Q&A #1

In this episode, Jessica does a solo Q&A with questions from Instagram! She talks about her recent trip to India, dating apps, the spirituality things she’s into, making friends in a new city, favorite bars and restaurants in Chicago, astrology, blogger friendships, and meet & greets. Here are some helpful links for things mentioned… Blog […]